My Anime (DVD) Collection A to Z: Baccano!

I think the last time I tried this (with a much smaller collection), I stopped at Baccano. Sometimes I just have to be in a particular mood to watch anime, and forcing a schedule just doesn’t work out.

In my collection, Baccano is one of the titles I’ve actually watched 4 or 5 times now. It’s endlessly fascinating, and I usually end up wishing there were more.

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Well That Figures! Nendoroid Hitagi Senjougahara

I’ll admit it, I have a fondness for tsundere characters. I don’t actually own many figures of said tsundere(s?) though. Well actually, depending on how you interpret tsundere, maybe I have quite the collection (I don’t – not that many), who knows?


Anyhow, a few months back, I came across news of a Hitagi nendoroid, in a Bakemonogatari special item box. I’ve only watched the Bakemonogatari anime and Hitagi is one of my favorite characters. I like her overall look and her attitude, so of course I went ahead and preordered the box. This nendo surprised me. Continue reading

My Anime (DVD) Collection A to Z: Appleseed

If I’d watched Appleseed when it was first released, I would have been impressed with the graphics. Unfortunately, I watched it last week and it looks dated.

Appleseed is about a lady soldier named Deunan, who doesn’t wear any upper body armor for half the movie, her former lover and commander Briareos, and the world they live in. It features humans, synthetic humans, and a society where both exist. Of course, the humans have mistrust for the bioroids, which are the synthetic beings that exist along with them in Olympus (which is seperate from the outside world?). Continue reading

My Anime (DVD) Collection A to Z: Angel Sanctuary

I would have loved Angel Sanctuary as a pre-teen or even a teenager. There’s a war between Heaven and Hell, and possibly Earth, there’s angels and demons…and that’s about all I would have loved about it. The “romantic” subplot of blood siblings running away together would still have weirded me out. Continue reading

My Anime (DVD) Collection A to Z: Air & Akira

Sometimes I forget I have a blog, which is silly seeing as how I pay for this web space! Ah, the wonders of living in this day and age.

Thanks to a few sales on crunchyroll, I have a lot more random volumes of anime than I used to. Plus a lot of duplicates that I will be trying to unload. Probably unsuccessfully. One of those was volume three of Air, a Key series animated by KyoAni. Continue reading