Saiyuki Manga (but not all of it)

Do you remember how I boasted in my last post that I had all the North American editions of the Saiyuki manga? Not ALL of the manga itself, just what was published here. I still think I do have it, but I wish Tokyopop had finished publishing Saiyuki Reload. You see, Reload had 10 volumes, but I have only 9. A cursory search on RightStuf and Amazon brings up only 9 volumes of what looks to be the North American version of Reload. Which probably means Tokyopop never published that last volume. They left a lot of manga unfinished when they shut their doors so suddenly.

Anyway, I read all the Saiyuki that I own, some of it for the first time. It was one of my favorite series as a young adult, and I was afraid that maybe it was actually terrible and I wouldn’t like it now. Was that the case? Continue reading

Pretty Cure & Sailor Moon

Tonight, I finished watching the first Pretty Cure series. I started it…probably a couple of years ago at this point, time slips away from me pretty easily. In the last 3 days I watched about 12 episodes.

As I watched those episodes, I couldn’t help but compare them to my recent Sailor Moon watching. Sailor Moon has been airing for over a year now, a couple of episodes each week on Hulu. Now that I look, Pretty Cure is also on Hulu. Handy! There is an interesting contrast between Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure that really caught my mind. Continue reading

New Year, Same Old Deal

Bom bom buuuuum! I’m alive! I remembered this blog!

I recently took part in my yearly ritual: the RightStuf holiday sale. Some years I buy a lot of stuff, some years I prioritize things I think should be in my collection. This year I really didn’t have much spare cash, but I was able to finish my Saiyuki manga collection. To the best of my current knowledge, I have all the North American published Saiyuki manga. I’ll confirm this later, I’m definitely going to do another post on this subject, I’m sure.

I decided to re-read the Saiyuki manga, and then rewatch the anime, since I picked up the last little bit of THAT which I didn’t have last year, and still haven’t watched it. I’ve really been slacking on the anime viewing the past couple years. Continue reading

Chobits (anime)

Once again my yearly resolution to blog more often is a definite failure. My excuse this time around is that I was busy moving into a new house, and doing the necessary organizing, unpacking, and generally getting used to everything being just slightly different.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve taken part in a few of Crunchyroll and RightStuf’s random box of anime sales – they sold 30 discs for 50 dollars or something like that. My haul from these boxes was pretty even – about half random discs from series and half movies. Tonight I watched a random disc from the 2002 anime Chobits, adapted from the manga by CLAMP. This review will cover episodes 5 through 8. Continue reading

Battle Angel

There’s so much anime available to watch in multiple forms now. When I was a fledgling anime fan, I really only had the stores in the college town nearest my own tiny hometown, and whatever aired on network television (no cable). We didn’t have internet, so I didn’t have a way to connect to other fans and do the tape trading I’ve heard about. I also didn’t have an income, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that anyway. That’s not the point of this post though.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I buy anime only a few times a year now, and usually I make sure to take advantage of RightStuf’s holiday sales for anything I might be missing or missing out on. My theme this year seemed to be “anime I should have seen by now.”


Battle Angel comes from the era of anime that I started with as a fan – the 90s. It’s an OVA based on a manga called Battle Angel Alita, or GUNNM. When I popped in the DVD, I expected a bland story and a cutesy protagonist, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Continue reading

Aquarian Age

I buy physical anime only a few times a year anymore. Mostly, I pick up what I can from RightStuf’s annual Christmas sale. Aquarian Age is one of the anime I picked up, along with a lot of things I felt should either be in my library or that I hadn’t seen and felt like I should have already.

Unfortunately Aquarian Age itself doesn’t belong to either category, now that I’ve watched it. There’s some definite spoilers ahead, but since Aquarian Age originally aired in 2002 and released in the US starting in 2004, well the statute of limitations is up, I think.

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Sailor Moon Crystal thoughts

Here we are near the end of the year! As usual, I’ve basically forgotten about this blog for most of the year.

I have thoughts about Sailor Moon Crystal. Like most fans, I was super excited to learn about a new anime adaptation, especially one that was closer to the original manga. I had a couple misgivings though: the biggest being that the secondary characters would just fade into the background. I’ve never thought the manga did well enough fleshing out anyone that wasn’t Usagi or Chibi-Usa. Other than that, I was completely on board for a new adaptation.

lunafacepaw Continue reading